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Custom Headless Guitars
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Custom Headless Guitars

Crafted in Mexico City, Xolo Custom Guitars are instruments designed to inspire performance in artists by blending ergonomic principles with striking body designs. Unique to the Xolo experience is the Xolo PD​™ Neck profile, designed to provide ergonomic support to the fretting hand.

We offer two series, the TEOTL and FUTURXS series. The TEOTL--Nahuatl for god or gods--Series, feature organic curves and bevels, and provide a full customization options such as figured tops, exotic woods, electronics, and finishes. They represent the beauty and complexity of Mexica Cosmovision deities. 


The FUTURXS Series design philosophy explores a dystopian future, featuring bold geometric shapes angular surfaces, bold color-schemes and cyber-punk influences. Customization options are limited to color choices, electronics, and tone wood. 

All Xolo Custom Guitars can be made in 6, 7, 8 and 9 string versions. Trem is available for 6 and 7 string formats.




Custom Headless Guitars

Benjamin Berthier,
Glass Mind

My Coatlicue 8 is not only a work of art in terms of design and construction, but it's also a monster with incredible versatility. From crystal clear tones to aggressive riffs, I can always get a clear and defined sound. Plus, its ergonomics and light weight allow me to play for hours with a control I've never experienced before. It's a constant source of inspiration. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality instrument with attention to detail.

Mexico City, Mexico

Coatlicue 8

Quetzalcoatl 8

Custom Headless Guitars

Leonel "Ocelotl" Aguilera,

Throughout my musical career I have had several electric basses under my belt. When I finally had my Xolo Custom Guitars Ocelotl 5 in my hands, it changed my perspective towards of multi-scale headless basses. The design makes it comfortable and light, the performing with it has been very good to the point of being very versatile in many aspects. I received excellent attention during the design and manufacturing process, with the Xolo team taking the time to know my needs and tastes in terms of tone and playing style. And nothing but the best to say about the post-delivery service from the Xolo Custom Guitars team; it has been the best. 
Two years into being part of the Xolo family, I'm already planning my second bass with the team and I'm very excited!

Guadalajara, Mexico

Ocelotl Bass 5

Custom Headless Guitars

Nathan Muela,

I was in touch with Gabriel shortly after who guided me through the process of ordering my guitar and helped me refine the ideas I had for a new custom guitar.  He was very personable and approached the process like an artisan, making sure that he kept my vision of the instrument while offering feedback and advice on different aspects of the project.  


In progress photos and videos did not prepare me enough for how amazing the instrument plays.  The body shape lends itself to be played in a more classical position, which works for me personally but I believe is comfortable in any way you hold it.   


Definitely grateful to have stumbled upon this company and to have met these studs in person.  No other headless brand compares

Orange, CA

Tonatiuh 7

Custom Headless Guitars

Pablo Berthier,
Glass Mind

The instruments that Xolo Custom Guitars make represent the current state of art in terms of guitars.
With cutting edge designs in both aesthetics and function, they are guitars built to a very high level of precision and standards that allow me to play my instrument better than ever before, while offering me a very diverse sonic palette.

Mexico City, Mexico

Coatlicue 8

Xolotl 8

SixStringTV, YouTuber

Futurxs: CTL (Citlalli)

"The Green [Xolo Futurxs: CTL] was probably my favorite guitar of the entire convention"  --NAMM 2023 Was Insane YouTube Video
Custom Headless Guitar
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