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Custom Shop Temporarily Closed

Greetings to all. Tomorrow, August 4, for the first time I will celebrate my mother's birthday without being able to hug her or talk to her. Four days later marks the first anniversary of her passing. Reflecting on this first anniversary, I took inventory of what has happened in this past year, the good and the not so good:

Let's start with the Not So Good:

  • I started the year with COVID, DELTA variant, which messed me up for 16 days. I literally tested positive on December 31st.

  • My partner had to have surgery on her foot, and days before her surgery she tested positive for COVID, which set everything back by two weeks.

  • For the first time in my life (sign I'm getting older maybe?), I hurt my back at the gym. A "mild" herniated disc--as the physio described it. But the pain and how it limited my daily routines was far from mild. Therapy for 3 weeks.

  • Our house almost burned down because of our tenants.

  • Because of a very painful dental infection, I had to have my first root canal treatment, and now I suffer from chronic sinusitis that paralyzes the left side of my face and causes me a lot of pain when my sinus gets irritated (dust, change of pressure, for example: airplane flights, diving in water). I have had this situation for 3 months now and I am still looking for treatments to finally solve the problem.

All this in the first 8 months of 2022–as if 2021 was not a difficult year in itself. These events have caused delays and complications in all my life activities, including my work (Xolo is a small business, I survive on my 9-to-5 job) and my personal life.

Although I did have a difficult few months, overall I consider myself an optimistic person so let's take inventory of the good now.

The Good:

  • My partner recovered 100% from her surgery and is a successful and wonderful woman.

  • I will finally have my wedding! Because of COVID, we have been trying for 2 years to have our wedding, and we will finally be able to have it in early 2023. We have been planning the wedding all year and we are so excited that it is becoming a reality.

  • Canela is still the best dog in the world and my faithful companion. She has not suffered from any illnesses and is healthy.

  • We were able to celebrate our honeymoon, even though I had to endure pain for over 16 hours due to plane rides. It was worth it.

  • With Xolo, we were able to incorporate CNC processes and improved the models.

I have a lot to be thankful for in my life and although this last year brought its challenges, I have my partner, my brother, Canela, and my loved ones who support me to keep going.

So, how does this affect Xolo?

Reflecting on all the moving pieces in my personal and professional life, the challenges I have to overcome, I have made the decision to close the Custom Shop until further notice. Xolo will focus on finalizing all outstanding orders, and will not take any new orders until further notice.

This was a very difficult decision, but I feel it is only fair to our existing customers who are waiting to receive their instruments.

When we finish all the backlog, we will make another (this time exciting, I promise!) announcement.

I am very grateful for our valued customers and artists who support this dream, and to all our supporters who help us grow our reach. We continue to evolve and improve all facets of Xolo, and this is just a small step back that will allow us to take 2 steps forward.



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